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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paint Chip Play

Spring wildflower season is a great time of year to whip out your paint chip rings for fun color matching with your tiny explorers! A Caliso favorite :)

But while at our local improvement store, we couldn’t help but notice the variety of names to be found on paint chips. Looking through a section devoted to childrens’ rooms, we found several fun descriptions that reminded us of our own “little sprout.”

We collected a few examples to bring home and had little fun with collage making using a few family photos.

Collect a few paint chips the next time you’re picking up a pack of lightbulbs or new plants fo the garden and spread them out on the table. The visual of plenty of color along with their descriptive names will inspire an hour or so of collage making for your child. Or use the names & colors as prompts for your little ones to create some unique drawings or for writing poems and stories. After studying a bunch of paint chip names, you can also have your child come up with their own descriptive names for colors found in your yard or on the trail!

A random handful of paint chips can get
the imagination flowing, try connecting
a bunch of paint color names in a silly
story or poem:

I was taking my turtle named Pudding
for a walk when I came upon a Princess
dressed all in pink. She was very upset
and when I asked her what was wrong
she cried, “I shall not be allowed to eat
Mac and Cheese tonight nor grape juice
popsicles because I oops-ccidently got a
grass stain on my pretty pink overalls
and on the toes of my preciously pink
Ballet Slippers!”

“Oh dear that is a shame,” I sighed. I 
scratched at those two freckles on my
wrist when I suddenly got an idea that
would help Princess Pink! Hush, Hush”
I comforted her. I can help…

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