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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teachings From the Scorpion

Connect with nature, restore yours. What we learn from nature, gives us insight to our selves. When we feel a connection with something, we begin to appreciate its value and its right to share our world, and we wish to protect its future as our own.

The scorpion is often misunderstood and feared. But once we learn to appreciate its value and its rightful place in our world, we feel connected and can learn much about ourselves. Like the scorpion, you are key to your environment. Everyone and everything you share your “habitat” with will have an impact on you. These daily interactions shape your inner nature—the core from which you pull from each time you take action in your life. Who or what are you allowing into your environment and how are they shaping or influencing you?


1. Scorpions rely first on their strength for nourishment, not their venom.

Respond with your inner strength for facing challenges, do not sting with your words.

2. Throughout human history scorpions have had their share of both negative and positive “press.”

Consider this when dealing with an undesirable situation. Become aware of all perspectives—don’t let your history keep you from finding a reasonable explanation and outcome that can benefit the entire situation.

3. Scorpions molt throughout their lives as they grow. Newly molted scorpions must keep stretching while the new exoskeleton hardens to ensure that it can move when the hardening is complete.

Shed old skins as you grow, create opportunities for transformation,and stretch your boundaries! Allow yourself room to grow as you fulfill your calling.

4. Burrows are a very important aspect of the ecology of desert scorpions, offering shelter and protection while molting and from predators.

How often do you allow yourself time for a little “burrowing?” What can you do to ensure those quality, restorative moments vital for maintainining your energy and focus?

5. Scorpions tend to change their habits rather than their form in order to adapt to a new habitat.

This is a great reminder to stay flexible while pursuing your goals, rarely do things go as planned. Adapt and be ready to navigate new territory!

Excerpt from: “Teachings From the Scorpion” M. Hedgecock, 2009
Scorpion photo: M. Hedgecock

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