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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Get Grounded...

You may already know that many standing meditations and relaxation techniques encourage the process of standing with bare feet on the ground, establishing an energy flow by rooting yourself to the earth through your toes, pads, your instep, and your heels. This is a wonderful way to ground yourself, however, I’m also encouraging you to slip off your sandals, or your shoes and socks, and take a walk on the beach. Or, feel the spongy, dewy coolness of a morning lawn, or the sand slipping between your toes in your child’s sand box! How about squishing around in some natural clay or mud at your favorite hiking hide-out or earth spa. Feel free to get your hands into the mix too.

Touch is often one of the quickest ways to feel grounded, whether you are seeking support, or a place to find rest. Grounding yourself with earthy components in the literal sense is a fun way to engage your senses and release your inhibitions beyond the norm of your daily habits. When you’re grounded, your core finds its center and balance. You find reprieve from the negative chatter so easy to get caught up in, and the answers you seek begin to flow.

So...however you do it, connect yourself to the earth in some manner--make physical contact with a natural, earthy textures and fragrances by walking or standing(barefoot ideal!), sitting, and/or laying down. Then simply close your eyes and let mother earth hold you…

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