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Monday, August 3, 2009

Critter Café

For a great family project, why not create a backyard habitat you can be proud of while protecting native wildlife from habitat fragmentation/loss? Invite some of those native species that need your help with a creature feast! By planting plants that provide cover for smaller species, as well as food and nesting sites or nesting material for birds and drinkable water for other animals, you can set the scene for watchable wildlife and encourage natural predator/prey cycles--where both sides can benefit.

Here in the desert, native landscaping helps maintain precious water reserves. Native birds, reptiles, and small mammals also help to keep unwanted pests and other vectors out of your yard by preying on them. Birds, and especially bats, will consume thousands of unwanted insects. Even a roadrunner will pluck a juicy black widow from her web for a snack. If you live in an area that sees snakes regularly, welcome the sight of a kingsnake or roadrunner as they will prey on rattlesnakes as well as rodents.

Please note:
Provide food for native species responsibly. Offer their natural diet and other needs through your landscaping. Please do not feed roadrunners cat food, or other meats regularly eaten by humans, it is very harmful to their young. Leaving human or domestic animal food out will only attract those pests you do not want around your home! Besides, if you fill the bellies of these well-meaning natives, they won’t have room to feast on the natural pests you’d rather not have around!

Keep us posted on your experiences--we'd love to hear :)

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