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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

9 Articles and Resources on the Benefits of Nature

The benefits of nature are easy to appreciate once you step into an environment that draws you. For many of us, this is instinctual as we seek to "escape" to the ocean or beach, or to a mountain hide-away. You might desire to get back to nature in the most basic, test-your-limits kind of way with a little backcountry camping or backpacking. Or you might just need to take in the peaceful surroundings of an inspiring natural landscape outside your vacation cottage while you sit in a cozy nook and read a good book! I feel the most relaxing and creative boost when I'm by the water, particularly vast expanses like the ocean.

Check out any of the articles below about the benefits of nature on your mind, body, and spirit. Share your own experiences of ways nature affects you.

The Cognitive Benefits of Nature: The Frontal Cortex

AUDIO The Takeaway: The cognitive benefits of interacting with nature (Walking makes you smart)

The Benefits of Nature and Camping

Nature: Science Shows It’s Good for the Mind as Well as the Body (AARP Bulletin Today)

Restorative Benefits of Nature…Gardening to Achieve Better Health
The Benefits of Nature and Outdoors

The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting With Nature

http://dericbownds.net/uploaded_images/Berman_cog.pdf (Research/Report)

These two articles emphasize the benefits of nature for our children:
A Walk in the Park Can Improve Reading Comprehension

The Many Benefits Of Walking In Mother Nature


We would love to hear you own experiences of how nature restores you!

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