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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Camping Do’s & Don’ts

Camping is FUN! Next time you head out to sleep under the stars as a family, here are 7 activities to try while you are in the "wilds" (followed by a great list of 25 Family Camping Do's and Don'ts from The FamilyCampman.com)!

1.  Climb a boulder or a tree for a new perspective; have lunch on your perch, or draw, read, or watch for wildlife.

2.  Go to the ranger program as a family.

3.  Learn about the stars and constellations of the area you're camping and identify them in the night sky.

4.  Go on a full moon hike as a family.

5.  Howl like a coyote, see if you can get them to respond with howls!

6. Pick a spot to explore your campsite by laying on your belly with a hand lens. Look under rocks (carefully!), into tree bark, by a stream's edge...

7.  Make leaf and stick boats for "racing" in a nearby stream.

We think these 25 tips posted by Eric at The FamilyCampan.com site are great! They are also a timeless reminder for family camping etiquette! DO visit Eric's site for other very useful camping/family posts!

1.  Do prepare ahead of time
2.  Do entertain thy children
3.  Do reserve your site in advance
4.  Don’t forget extra batteries
5.  Do leave a clean campsite
6.  Do prepare for rain
7.  Don’t bring firewood from different locations
8.  Don’t bring video games for the kids (or any other electronics)
9.  Don’t leave your garbage out at night
10.  Don’t set your car alarm
11.  Don’t ignore campground rules
12.  Do continue your kids’ bedtime routines
13.  Do respect your neighbors
14.  Don’t set your tent up in the dark
15.  Do bring a firestarter
16.  Do pack extra clothes for chilly nights
17.  Don’t pack using cardboard boxes
18.  Do pack using rubber bins (think rubbermaid)
19.  Do explore the surrounding areas
20.  Don’t forget the first aid kit
21.  Don’t let your kids run around other sites
22.  Don’t leave your campfire unattended
23.  Do eat lots of s’mores
24.  Do take lots of pictures
25.  Don’t forget to relax and have a great time

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