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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finding Yourself In A Tree

There are rich counsels in the trees. ~Herbert P. Horne

For as long as I can remember, the opportunity for creative release is what I enjoy most. One of my all-time favorite things to do when I was a young girl was to climb the tree over our chicken/rabbit/duck yard (pets, not food), and sit for hours in a comfortable cradle of branches. Many stories and poems, life decisions (for a 12-year old), and an abundance of creative ideas came from those "reTREEts."

Looking back, key components were in place for creative stimulation-which made me happiest: I was in a tree that energized my spirit while in my own private sit-spot with a nice view that required a bit of creative climbing and balance to access. Without any trees nearby to climb, how do I replicate this source of childhood inspiration? For daily inspiration, I keep nature as a part of my day-to-day life and I seek out alternative ways of looking at the world (like my perch up in a tree). For long term goals I focus on sources of happiness in my life now and allow my personal nature to create a plan of action (like the strategies below). How could you accomplish this for yourself?

One way is to take the time to devise a plan of action that will incorporate the root of your happiness as a new perspective toward a life change. For something different, try the following 13 strategies for successful goal setting inspired by trees, and a little tree climbing:

1. Make sure your tree (your idea/goal) is stable with numerous, deep roots. If you are not firmly rooted in the faith of your own ability and strength, others will tear you down before you have a chance to branch out and make your dreams a reality.

2. Choose a tree (your goal) that will weather the storm. Your goal should be clear and solid enough to endure set backs and obstacles.

3. Grow. Each step is like a growth ring; these are your possibilities, opportunities, and resources that expand and strengthen your support system.

4. Every tree is a community of life unto itself. If you can, make your goals the center of a community where you must take an active role in accomplishing your goals; inspire others by your progress.

5. Trees are ancient and often represent endurance and wisdom. Have patience and respond with wise decisions.

6. Stay flexible. Bend and sway with the storms instead of buckling. Be ready to change your course of action if something isn't working to keep your dream alive.

7. Go dormant. Stop and regroup if you need to refocus or re-evaluate your direction. Is your goal getting out of hand? Is it realistic, or something you still believe in? If not, re-invent yourself, or abandon your goal for a new, relevant, more inspiring one!

8. Keep climbing. You'll be making many intuitive decisions while following your dream, choose the best routes (the strongest branches) to keep you climbing upward.

9. Take the risk. Yes, climbing trees can be risky, so you must take precautions and look before you leap from branch to branch so you don't fall.

10. Branch out. Reach out for help. Everyone needs a little boost or help at sometime, welcome any positive support.

11. Provide yourself shelter from ridiculously negative influences (ants, sap, thorns, weak branches-in other words, negative nellies, self-sabotage, bad decisions).

12. Stand tall. Believe in your talents and ability. Believe in your strengths. Remember, tiny seeds transform into massive and majestic redwoods that withstand the test of time.

13. Have fun in your tree. Enjoy the process of achieving your dreams! This is a very special part of who you are, so you want to make sure it reflects your true nature and happiness.

Let your creative roots nourish your growth. Follow the intuitive path that is important to who you wish to become. Create opportunities that will incorporate the root of your happiness into your daily life and be willing to climb your tree to creative success with joy in your heart :)

Excerpt from: Finding Yourself in a Tree - Strategies For Creative Success


  1. What a beautiful post! I love trees, too, so the association totally works for me. The new year is a natural time to set goals and you've offered great tips to help weather any uncertain times ahead.

  2. Thank you Debi! I'm very happy you enjoyed this post--you've put a big smile on my face with such kind words! I hope you carried away a useful tidbit that connected :)