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Monday, June 1, 2009

Nature Happens

My mom and I enjoyed a serendipitous moment with my son the other day. We were at the local children’s museum, outside on the patio—with a nice little breeze. I picked up some Bougainvillea leaves that were on the ground and held them up to my fuchsia-colored shirt which matched the color of the Bougainvillea bracts almost perfectly.

My toddler-aged son saw me do this and instantly spied the rest of the Bougainvillea on the patio. After an excited,“I get moohr foh you, mommy!” he was off grabbing for all the papery, pink bunches floating along the ground that he could catch. He was having fun, carrying on a giggly exclamation each time one spirited away, just out of reach.

The breeze started to pick up and the dry bracts he was collecting into his clenched little hands were beginning to break apart and float around him. I got such a kick out of watching him squeal with pure excitement each time he tried to catch some of the crushed pieces mid-air. Every time he reached for one, more would escape. It was a great game.

Just a few minutes later, the breeze faded—ah, its prize surrendered! My son gathered all of the bright pink pieces and gifted the crumbling bunch to me. Honestly, I’m not sure which one of us had the bigger smile :)

It's fun when little things like that happen. I very much enjoy these unplanned treasures, especially through the eyes of my son. The whole scene couldn't have lasted more than five minutes, but anytime the opportunity for us to connect with nature presents itself, it is such a joy for the both of us, likely for different reasons I’m sure…but possibly not. I certainly feel a deeper connection to nature through my son at these moments; I feel closer to him, and I'm open to the spirit of the gift and simplicity of the experience. Nature just happens.

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