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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who's environment is it anyway?

I just received my "Daily Coyote" fix and wanted to share the feel good moment with you. Author Shreve Stockton wrote this wonderful book about her truly unique relationship with an orphaned coyote pup, named Charlie.

No matter what beliefs you may hold before getting to know her and Charlie through her story, I think you'll find it a thoughtful, intelligent read. I was a conflicted by Charlie's destiny, but I absolutely fell in love with him (not hard for me as I am a true fan of coyotes). And I believe in Shreve Stockton's sincere concern and love for Charlie's ultimate path where she also questioned her role.

This coyote just may have been fated to be an ambassador of awareness about humans and our environments. We have a direct impact on the land we share with other species, and it is entirely our responsibility (our destiny so to speak!) to care for them in any way we can.

I encourage you to visit the Daily Coyote blog http://www.dailycoyote.net/, where you can learn more and receive daily or weekly photos of "Charlie."

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